The Make It Right Foundation is Building Eco-Friendly Houses in New Orleans

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There is no shortage of celebrity-endorsed nonprofits dedicated to environmental protection. The Make It Right Foundation is one of them, with more than a hundred houses already built, many of them eco-friendly, and plans to build at least 41 more. The organization is one of the only builders active in the Lower Ninth Ward, the area that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Brad Pitt has long advocated the importance of affordable housing and the “cradle to cradle” philosophy, and has created a variety of innovative housing options.

Make it Right Foundation

Founded two years after Hurricane Katrina, the nonprofit organization Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation has helped rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The foundation has expanded its work beyond the city’s boundaries to states like Missouri, Montana, and New Jersey. Its work has come under fire, but Pitt has remained largely silent. Below, we take a closer look at the organization’s work.

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The lawsuit claims that Pitt and his foundation knowingly or recklessly failed to protect homeowners from mold, lead, and structural problems in the homes. The foundation is responsible for constructing the homes, which were sold to residents as “a bundle of broken promises.” Pitt’s lawyers have tried to distance Pitt from the lawsuit and have filed for his name to be removed from it. Brad Pitt’s lawyers did not respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

Affordable housing

The celebrity actor, Brad Pitt, is trying to make low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles affordable for low-income families. He started a foundation called Make It Right to create affordable housing. In New Orleans, his nonprofit helped rebuild the city’s Lower 9th Ward following Hurricane Katrina, where he lived part-time with his wife Angelina Jolie. The Make It Right Foundation is helping to build 109 new homes with diverse designs by international architects. The cost of the homes is around $150,000, so the project is a big success.

The Make It Right Foundation, which is run by Brad Pitt, has built 109 new, affordable homes for displaced families in the Hurricane Katrina area. During Hurricane Katrina, many of these homes were ruined beyond repair and left the residents stranded. Brad Pitt’s foundation has helped these families move into new, livable homes that are safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. Despite the many benefits of this effort, however, many residents are still forced to live in homes that are in poor condition.

Cradle to cradle philosophy

After Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt set up a nonprofit organization called Make it Right to build affordable, sustainable houses. The organization’s vision was global, and it worked with scientists and architects, including Dr. Michael Braungart. Brad Pitt also wanted to give back to his hometown of New Orleans, where he was born and raised. After the storm, the nonprofit built 109 affordable eco-friendly homes.

The “Cradle to Cradle” philosophy is a proactive approach to design and build homes that support our planet and our health. The Earth’s systems are uniquely adapted to each locale, producing an incredible variety of life. In addition, the Cradle to Cradle philosophy takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities each place presents. Brad Pitt’s eco-friendly homes incorporate this philosophy.

Modular homes

Many people are unaware that one of the most successful and most popular charities of all time has built affordable modular homes in New Orleans. The Make It Right Foundation was founded by Brad Pitt after Hurricane Katrina and is responsible for providing homes for the victims of that disaster. The homes were supposed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, but they were actually mold-infested and defective. The residents sued Pitt, and a New Orleans attorney filed a lawsuit on their behalf. He said many people had bought into the dream that Pitt was selling them. He also suggested tearing down the homes.

But the modular homes’ owners aren’t happy about that. Despite this controversy, the residents have not stopped talking. They’ve filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, citing problems with the homes’ materials and design. While the lawsuit hasn’t included Pitt himself, there are others who say that the suit should be dismissed because Pitt is not responsible for the actual construction of the homes. In either case, the actors are still involved in the project, and the lawsuit may result in more litigation.

Residents’ frustration with quality of construction

After Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt and his foundation decided to build an ecologically avant-garde neighborhood in New Orleans. The new homes would be solar-powered, highly insulated, and supposedly storm-proof. After several years of construction, residents found that the homes were shoddy and had toxic mold and leaks. Some of the residents sued Pitt and his foundation, but the judge refused to dismiss their claims.

The resulting houses have been controversial, but they do offer some perks. Residents were initially ecstatic that Pitt was building a green house in their community. But upon closer inspection, they discovered many problems. One of the most significant of them is that the homes were not as well-insulated as they said they were. There were many areas where mold and mildew had grown. Other defects included porches that were rotten, stair rails that collapsed, and electrical issues. Several residents of Pitt’s houses reported having termite infestations.