Tom Hanks Goes Solar

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The actor Tom Hanks has made a conscious decision to go solar. The actor has joined the Solar Neighbors Program and signed up to use solar electricity. He recently told the New York Times that his apartment complex uses 129 thousand gallons of water a month. He also says that he is proud to be an advocate of alternative energy sources and has plans to do his part to promote clean energy.

Tom Hanks’ apartment complex uses 129 thousand gallons of water per month

Whether you’re looking for green living tips or a little history, Tom Hanks is one of the biggest movie stars of our time. Although he’s become a household name, he was once living on a meager $45 a month budget. He even borrowed from his producers to pay his rent. Now, Hanks is one of the most well-known movie stars in the world, but he’s not the only celebrity to be going green.

Tom Hanks’ home uses photovoltaic (PV) panels

Hollywood has taken note of green issues and has embraced solar power, with actors including Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah supporting the cause. Both have donated to nonprofits and have even participated in environmental causes, such as the Solar Neighbors’ Program, which matches high-income homeowners with low-income neighbors in South Los Angeles. In addition to solar panels, Tom and Katie Brady also have a fleet of private planes and SUVs, so they could certainly use some help with their electricity needs.

Tom Hanks’ use of solar power is impressive, and the actor and producer has been an advocate of the technology for years. He has starred in several films, including The Da Vinci Code, which grossed over US$750 million at the box office. His passion for renewable sources of energy has led him to become a Solar Neighbor and sign up for the Solar Neighbors Program.

Celebs that have gone solar

Among the many celebrities who have gone solar are Tom Hanks and his co-stars. The actors have solar panels installed in their homes, and the actors are active in the BP Solar Neighbors program, which enables low-income families to receive free solar panels. Other celebrities like Salma Hayek and Orlando Bloom also support solar energy. The actors have also become strong supporters of renewable energy, and their solar panels show that they care about the environment.

Aside from his green-minded lifestyle, the Yesteryear star is a vocal advocate for global warming and has even been arrested during climate change rallies. In addition to solar panels for his home, he has installed eco-friendly features in his sprawling Beverly Hills mansion, including cork and bamboo floors, a ventless fireplace, UV windows, and a solar-heated swimming pool.

Other celebrities who have gone solar include Edward Norton and Jennifer Garner. The Oscar-nominated actor has founded the Solar Neighbors program with BP, which matches low-income families with solar panel installations. This program is growing rapidly, with a list of celebs growing every year. It is inspiring to see Hollywood celebrities make the switch to solar, and serving as role models for others to follow.